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Work Party!

Just in case you missed Joys announcement the work commences at 9.30 this Saturday.

There is a list of jobs on the club notice board. Cleaning, painting, gardening, tidying-there is plenty of work to be done. Can you spare a few hours?

Just turn up ideally with some equipment (for gardening, decorating, DIY etc)


Club Finals - Saturday 16th July   

The AELTC Championships end  this weekend and the focus shifts to New York and the US Open. There is a brief interlude of course that might not have caught your attention.

Yes, just one week after The All England Finals,  it is time for the OVLTC Club Finals  

No, just in case you think you have missed it, there is no ballot for tickets. No queueing either-although the car park can get quite busy!

Lets hope the weather will have picked up and we can roll out the umpire chairs, BBQ,  Pimms, strawberries etc

Several of the committee are engaged in matches themselves so, more than ever, we will need help early in the day as we prepare for the event:


Officials? Yes, we will need umpires, lines people,

Catering? Yes, We will also need help with catering.                                                

Ground staff? Yes, those too-we will definitely need help to set up


Can you help with setting up? with officiating on court? with the catering?

Can you bring cakes, sandwiches? for afternoon tea-always a major feature of the day!


Club Improvements-some updates

Court surfaces

The 2 new courts are playing well and I hope you are pleased with the re-surfacing. The project has gone well. There are a few minor issues ,for example, with small imperfections on the surface near the floodlight bases and we are in negotiation with the contractors to tidy these up.

We are also looking at ways to improve court 1. There are several options for improving the surface of the court or rather the surface of half the court (the section nearest the gate). It is a question of getting value for money-how much we spend and the extra life we get for our expenditure. For those of you who are unaware, there are several issues to consider.

First of all there is the obvious wear on this court. Holes have developed both on the playing surface and at the back of the court. We are in discussion with Academy Sports on possible solutions

Secondly we have the result of the root damage-the tracks running out from the fencing.  Several years ago we had repairs here but now there are further signs that the surface is lifting slightly and will require attention. Again Academy Sports are advising and we are still trying to work out how to persuade GBC, as our landlords, to accept some responsibility.

Finally, as Rennie reminded me, there is the problem of soil erosion/slippage under the court-in the corner (Powell Close end). You have probably noticed the exploratory hole in the far corner of court 1. If you look around the back of the fencing you will see a fairly large void! No, we are not talking about a sink hole and the court itself is structurally sound. This is not a new problem and it does not appear to have worsened over the last few years. However, in the long term, we would like to find a resolution.

At present the committee, (well, mainly Dan as treasurer!) is weighing up the benefit of minor repairs to court 1 and a complete repaint on courts 1 and 2. (the cheaper option, but still around £6,000!). Expect more news on this in the coming weeks.



As mentioned above we would like to get on with some minor redecoration of the clubhouse. All we need are ideas and manpower!


Court Bookings

For many club players this is probably a low priority. We play matches or attend club sessions where there is no need to book a court.

However, there are times  (for example before the club tournament and on Wednesday evenings in summer) where courts can be booked.

The committee is aware that our paper system for booking courts is not ideal and has been looking at a number of possible alternatives. There are several on-line options available for clubs like ours-but there are costs involved. ClubSpark, for example, offer quite a good system but it would involve annual administration costs and there is a charge per court booking. This is probably not ideal for a club like OV.

We are looking for a system that provides a benefit for the majority of club players-at a reasonable cost! It would have been good to have had something up and running for this years tournament but other pressures meant that we have had to make do with the old paper and pen method of booking. Hopefully over the rest of the year some better system will emerge and we can trial them.

———-and finally!

I hope to see you on Saturday morning (for the work party) and, of course, on Finals Day.

Whether you come to help or to support the finalists this is one of those days when your presence is so important.


Please note: There will be no Club Play on Saturday 16th July

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